Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Perfect Picnic Lunch

I am currently taking a much needed social media break, but am happy to share this delicious lunch with you today.  Loaded with fresh veggies, this salad is a healthy pick-me-up perfect for a picnic, lunch on the go, or pretty much anywhere!  Paired with fresh berries and a toasted bagel thin, you have a balanced meal perfect for an adult or child.  And did I mention it is delicious??
What's in the box?
Mixed Power Greens
Broccoli, Golden Cauliflower, Purple Carrots
Baby Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes
Provolone Cheese Flowers & Balsamic Dressing
Mixed Berries
Toasted Bagel Thin



  1. Love this lunch! Love the colors and the salad looks delish!

  2. This makes me so happy! Off to make myself a salad for lunch, too. <3

  3. Beautiful and tasty looking salad!

  4. This lunch is so vibrant, pretty, and yummy looking!


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