Friday, July 5, 2013

EasyLunchBoxes for Toy Storage

Yesterday, my family was getting ready to head out for the day when my kids decided they wanted to take their Lego Minifigures with them in the car.  My daughter has a case for hers, but the little one's collection is just getting started and he doesn't have one yet. 

SOLUTION??  EasyLunchBoxes!!  An ELB made a perfect carrying case and storage container for the Legos!  While I'm sure I've lost this one from my kitchen collection, I am thrilled to know that my son's favorite toy is being protected in a sturdy and affordable container.  I have no worries of the EasyLunchBox coming open on its own, and yet, I know he can open it by himself!  It is a perfect size to bring in the car, and fits all of his Minifigures with plenty of room to spare!  In fact, at only $13.95 (including shipping) for a set of 4 EasyLunchBoxes, I may buy an extra set just for travel lego storage.  
Get your own!

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