Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crunch a Color Challenge - Lunch #2

Yesterday, I posted a lunch for the Crunch a Color Healthy Lunch Challenge - Round 2.  I am excited to have a second lunch to post today.  I won't go into all the details of the game again, but you can read about them here.  I will, however, reiterate how much we love this game!
Today's lunch is another quick one that anyone could easily make.  As I mentioned yesterday, I prefer using raw fruits and vegetables, which are highly nutritious and can quickly and easily be arranged in any lunch container.  This lunch consists of a Sun Butter & Raw Honey pocket sandwich, a few cheese cubes, and raw fruits & veggies.  How easy is that?  It isn't fancy, but the array of colors and arrangement make it so appealing.  I included a new food that my children have not had before, which gave them double points for that food!  Here is the break down of points:
 Healthy Grain (whole grain bread) - 5 points
Protein (Sun Butter inside of pocket sandwich) - 10 points
Radishes & Tomatoes (combined) - 15 points
Lotus Root (x2 for trying a new food) - 30 points
Carrots - 10 points
Snap Peas & Celery (combined) - 10 points
Purple, Green & Orange Cauliflower - 10 points
Strawberries - 5 points
Raw Corn - 10 points
Blueberries & Blackberries (combined) - 5 points
Water - 5 points


I'll let you in on the secret that neither of my children ate much of the Lotus Root, so they both missed out on that 30 points.  They did try it, but didn't care for the texture of it, and they were perfectly happy ending up with a total of 85 points each.  

Sticking with Tip #2 of yesterday's 10 Tips for Getting Your Children to Eat a Variety of Foods, I added the Lotus Root to our stir fry dinner.  This gave it a different flavor and texture, and I am happy to share that they both gobbled it up at dinner!
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  1. This lunch looks beautiful. I was wondering if your kids ate the raw lotus root, and then you answered my question. But it is great that they tried it. I never tried it raw but love it in tempura.

    1. Kathy, the lotus root wasn't bad, it just lacked flavor - kind of like a raw potato. It was delicious lightly seasoned in the stir fry, though!

  2. Super love this wonderful folow!!! wish I could get the purple cauliflower here.

  3. Wow!The vibrant colors in this delicious looking lunch are amazing. Glad you found another way to use the lotus root. I have never tried it.

  4. Lunch looks lovely! I have never tried (or seen) lotus root myself.

  5. Absolutely stunning, Rebecca! I can't wait to try lotus root, now!


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