Friday, August 3, 2012

Buzzy Bumble Bee Bento

Both of my kiddos asked to have tuna sandwiches for lunch today.  I happily complied, but not without fitting them into a fun bento!  I had the leftover yellow rice from Wednesday's Back to School Bento, so I was initially going to make a sun.  As I was making the face on the sun, I was inspired to change gears and decided to make a big yellow bumble bee, instead.  I used a small piece of the sandwich for the wing, and was thrilled with how it turned out.  The kids agreed that it was way more fun than just having a sandwich on a plate with a side of veggies!
What's in the Box?
Bee - Turmeric-colored Rice, Nori & Cheese accents w/ Tuna Sandwich Wing
Tuna Sandwich w/ Nori Accents
Carrots, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Olives
2 Varieties of Plum


  1. Oh I love this bento. These bees are super cute and aside from the fancy eyes they look easy to make.

  2. They are so bright and cute Rebecca! Both of your blogs make me see what a super awesome mommy looks like everytime! Keep the inspiration coming!!!

  3. I am so incredibly humbled by your sweet comment. Thank you!!


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