Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orangutan Bento

I failed to plan today's bento before beginning to prepare it.  I had lots of delicious Korean foods to include, but no theme.  As I was placing the Crab Pajeon (Korean Pancake) in the bottom of the bento, I immediately saw an orangutan in my mind.  I decided it would be the perfect addition to our lunch!

Orangutan - Korean Crab Pajeon  w/ Cheese & Nori Accents
Korean Kimbap, Marinated Spinach and Carrots
Steamed Corn, Cherry Tomatoes
Korean Vegetable Pajeon
Clementine, Banana, Strawberry & Kiwi


  1. Love the orangutan and the rest looks so yummy!

  2. We just adopted a 15month old boy from South Korea. Would you be willing to share some of your Korean recipes?


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